The College is under the NILACHAL ACADEMIC TRUST which aims to impart Teacher Education in West Guwahati College of Education and in any other academic institutions which might be created from time to time. The objects of the trust are

a) To aim through all educational programmes, to develop the students mentally and physically to a well balanced personality.
b) To seek affiliation with examining and statutory bodies so that after completion of education the students may be eligible for higher education anywhere in India and abroad.
c) To provide adequate academic facilities so that the students may pursue independent studies.
d) To make the students conscious of their (i) place as members of the vast country, wide society rather as members of narrow community, (ii) responsibilities as future voters (iii) responsibilities as future citizens and (iv) responsibilities as future planners and administrators of the affairs of the country
e) To encourage students’ interest and involvement in all worthy causes and problems in their immediate environment and to encourage social services
f) To develop in the students capacity for planning andexecution of group activities and management of resources of the organization
g) To acquaint the students with the teaching of great religious teachers, saints and sages of the country.