Summer Camp

Summer Camp for CFG children:

West Guwahati College Of Eduction has organised a fun learning program for 3 days summer camp in collaboration with Child Friendly Guwahati (CFG) , Panbazar,Ghy from 22/03/23 to 24/03/23 at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Goshala, Guwahati.

In this summer camp 180 children from 36 different CFG centres from Guwahati has participated. All the children are non residential and from disadvantaged and marginalised section of the society.

The summer camp has been guided and facilitate by 40 teacher trainee of WGCE. These 40 teacher trainee has divided 180 children into small groups to perform different activities. The main aim of organising this summer camp are –

  • Holistic development of the children
  • To develop creativity of the children
  • To highlight the aesthetic value
  • To train the students in 3 R’s ( Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)
  • To improve and develop communication skills
  • To develop self confidence and self reliance among the children.

Different types of activities are organised by the teacher trainees for the children. All the activities are performed in groups. The activities are like singing, dancing, craft activities, playing mathematical games, puzzles, storytelling, number games, art, painting etc. All the children have enjoyed the activities. Children are given exposure to express their ability, creativity and different talents through this fun games and activities.

Photo of Summer Camp