1Teacher common room table(12Seater)1
2Reading table4
3Simple table14
4Simple Chair60
5Big Chair3
6Desk- Bench (Pair)105
8Books Almirah16
9Display Board3
10Computer -Self-Table20
11Green Board1
12Black Board5
13Lecture Dias1
14Lecture Stand1
15Big Wooden Box1
16Teacher Personal Locker-Self12
17Periodical Box1
18Librarian Desk1
19Bulletin Board1
20Sloping News Reading Stand1
21News Arrival Rack1


There is a full fledged ICT room with more than 10 No of computers and ample opportunity is offered to the teacher trainees to put on hands on training and to acquaint with fundamental knowledge on computers. The teacher trainees are encouraged to prepare Power Point and Graphical Presentation.

Psycology lab

The college facilities a high quality and advanced psychology laboratory for its students. The laboratory is fully furnished with modern psychological tools to test the different abilities osf students. In this new age laboratory offers opportunity to every students to experience every experiment individually. Along with different psychological equipments like Memory Drum, Performance test (Bhatia Battery), Stop Watch etc. It also provides different psychological charts, pictures, models for the benefit of students. this laboratory will help in developing different abilities of the students. it will make the students mentally alert, develops their perception and reasoning ability. It will prepare the students for future challenges of life.

Technology lab

The college is equipped with well furnished hi-tech equipments which will enable the teacher trainees to be familiar and skilled with new methods and techniques in the instructional procees . the equipments being TV, Computer, LCD slide Projector, Tape recorder, Radio, Charts, VCR, Educational CDs.

Science lab

A special body of knowledge ‘Science’ is incomplete in itself without having practical knowledge. The class lectures are materialized into practice by performing different practical activities. To provide the theoretical teaching points of Science into practical purpose, the College is equipped with well furnished practical laboratory. The college has all the necessary materials included in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

Literary club

The College has a student literary club. Students are divided into four separate groups- Jyomoti House,Shankar Dev House, Lachit House, Tagore House. Every students publish their magazine pragyajyoti and wall magazine as puberun, Adharsila, Bahniman, Udayachal to florish their literary skills.

Sports Facility

The college provides for sports facility to the students. The students during the games and Sports programmers are allowed to avail those sports facility. The college has the indoor and Outdoor games provision. There are various sports equipments in our college. The list of sports equipments are given below :

sl noSports EquipmentsQuantity
1Carrom Board3
2Chess Board4
5Shot put1
6Brass Drum1
8Table Tennis Bat4
11Cricket Bat2
12Cricket Ball5
13Table Tennis Table1
14Badminton Shuttle Cock12
15Table Tennis Ball12