Activity of Faculty Members

a) Sanctioned programmes along with annual intake in the institution

Name and Address of the Institution : West Guwahati College of Education

Name of the Programme: B.Ed.

Level of the Programme: Post Graduate Degree

Duration of the Programme: 2 Yrs Program

Year of starting the Programme: 01st of April, 1992

Name of the Affiliating Board/University: GAUHATI UNIVERSITY

Date of Affiliation: 06th of June, 1994


Qualified as per NCTE norms & appointmentScale of Pay
B.Ed., M.Ed., M.A.(Eng & Public Administration) M.Phil (Edu).Ph.D.(pursuing)
 2001(NCTE norm)
State Govt.
Dr.Parijat Chakrabarty
B.Ed., M.A.,MBA, P.G. Dip. In Comp. Sc., P.G. Dip in Hr. Edu., PHD
2004(NCTE norm)       -do-
Mrs.Barsita Sarkar
B.Ed., M.Ed.,M.A.(Eng)
M.Phil (Eng)
  2004(NCTE norm)    -do-
Mr. Dipak Kalita
B.Ed., M.A.(Eco.,Hist,Edu), M. L. I.Sc, M.Ed
  2007(NCTE norm)
Mr. Mrityunjoy Dasgupta
B.Ed., M.Sc.(Botany), M.Ed, M.A (Edu)
2007 (NCTE norm)     -do-
Miss Priyanki Barpujari
M.A.(Edu), B.Ed. Ph.D.(pursuing )
  2009 (NCTE norm)-do-
Papari Medhi
M.A.(Sanskrit), M.A.(Performing Art)
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Mr. Narayan Das
B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Sc. (Math), M.Phil., Ph.D.
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Himakshi Goswami
M.A.(Education), M.Phil Ph.D.(pursuing), SLET
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Runuma Saikia
M.A.(Education), M.Phil
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Subhra Saha
B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed.
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Mrs.Biswabarna Dey
B.Ed., M.Ed., MA (Geog)
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Mr. Prabin Saharia 
M.A,(Hist).B.Ed M.Ed.
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Mr Ranjit Rabha
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Mrs.Aruna Devi
M.A,(Ass.) B.Ed M.Ed.(pursuing)
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-
Mrs Biswarbarna Dey
M.A.GEO. M.Ed.
2014(NCTE norm)     -do-