To inculcate holistic and quality-oriented teacher education programme through different modern, innovative techniques in teaching learning process among the student trainees.


To meet the holistic quality education through the “SHOWER THE AMRIT OF KNOWLEDGE”, prepare the student teacher for acquiring new knowledge, skills for shaping and promoting the upcoming generation.


  1. To prepare good human being/citizens.
  2. To identify hidden talents.
  3. To mobile resources.
  4. To provide activity-oriented courses.
  5. To maintain integrity and honesty among the stakeholders.
  6. To the respect the human relationship with dignity.


With the explosion of media and information spreading technology, the teaching techniques have undergone rapid changes. Besides, the schooling age and period is reduced, for which proper training has become indispensable to handle the well informed pupils. To mitigate the social needs, in order to fill up the gaps of trained teachers and at the same time to provide training facilities to ever growing number of graduates, a vociferous demand for such training facilities was built up in this part of the city.

In response to the demand of Pandu-Maligaon , Jalukbari, Dharapur, Tetelia, Baragaon, Gotanagar and entire western part of the city this West Guwahati College of Education, in 1992 was established with the relentless efforts of a few devoted academicians

Accordingly, a Sponsoring Body headed by Dr. M. Barthakur, M.A., B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D., Retd. Professor of Gauhati University and Sri Sreemanta Sarker, M.A., B.Ed., the Principal of Bidyamandir H.S. School as Secretary was formed on 1St April,1992 to initiate the move for establishing a College of Education i.e., B.Ed. College at Pandu, with permission from Gauhati University. The Sponsoring Body was later on expanded by co-opting other members having selfless love for education and wide experience in socio-administrative activities.

Institution of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU) Study Centre came into force due to the tireless effort carried out by Prof. Dr.Minadhar Barthakur, President, WGCE, , WGCE and Mrs Gitanjali Choudhury , Principal, WGCE.

In the recent years the demand for trained teachers has considerably increased. Due to lack of trained teachers, the State Government deputes teachers for in-service training to limited number of B.T. or B.Ed. degree compulsory for recruitment of teachers. Similarly the state government also prefers trained teachers for appointment in the schools and very likely it will make it statutory requirement for a qualified teacher. Gauhati University abolished the B.T. Department and the existing teachers training colleges failed to meet the demand of ever-growing schools in the nook and corner of the state. As a result, there was a pressing need for a teachers training college in the western part of the city of Guwahati.

In the year 2008, West Guwahati College of Education has instituted KKHSOU Stuy Centre which caters to the need of the educationally deprived individuals from various walks of life introducing BPP and BA courses.

The Managing Committee of the Bidyamandir H.S. School of which Sri Sarker was the Secretary was magnanimous enough to permit the Sponsoring Body to start the College in its premises. The efforts of the Sponsoring Body were ultimately crowned with success when “West Guwahati College of Education” (WGCE) was formally inaugurated on the1st April, 1992 in the premises of Bidyamandir H.S. School, Rest Camp, Pandu, Guwahati-12. It will be unfair if the names of two veteran academicians whose personal efforts and contributions have laid the solid foundation of the College are not mentioned in this context. They are late B.K.Nath, M.Sc.; M.S.(USA) and Mrs. Kamana Barowa, M.A.; B.Ed. Along with the Secretary Sri Sarker, late Mr. Nath as the founder Principal gave the academic shape of the institution by his sefless dedication and Mrs. Kamana Barowa as an experienced teacher organized the academic and cocurricular activities. Large number of students from different parts of the city and the state as a whole were attracted and consequently there had been increasing rush for admission in the College. Since 1992, the College has been efficiently functioning and by 2006, it has trained more than 1000 graduates and post graduates to become qualified teachers. The statistics given ,testify the creditability of the College. KKSHOU Study Centre came into existence since 5th April 2008.