From the Principal’s desk

In 30 years, WGCE has become a national leader in parking teacher education. With intake capacity of 100 Students every year, our focus is on preparing tomorrow’s leader in teaching. In doing so, we emphasize excellence in teaching, learning, seminar, workshop practice. We work with the leaders in education to develop the best faculty resources that are responsible to our needs of training and utilize modern tools and technologies to deliver our programs. We seek to maintain the quality of our training program. We know that our teachers trainees will help to build tomorrow’s India. If you are thinking of becoming a leader and making the world a better place to live in, then you consider becoming a part of West Guwahati College of Education and we welcome you to visit our website in order to know more about the college.




Our college takes pride in holding life memberships with two esteemed organizations, CEAM (Council for Educational Administration and Management) and CTEF (Council for Teacher Education Foundation).

These exclusive memberships help our students to access a wealth of opportunities, resources, and networks that facilitate their personal and professional growth. By being associated with CEAM and CTEF, our college ensures that our students receive the highest quality education and continuous support throughout their lifetime