Vission & Mission

West Guwahati College of Education aims to "Shower the Amrit of Knowledge". The main focus of the institution is to grow professionalism and commitment among the student-trainees who are going to be a teacher in future. Its prime aim is to be leader in the area as a teacher institution maintaining high values and collaborative attitude among student trainees.

The objectives of secondary teacher education enunciated by the NCTE in its "Curriculum Framework for Quality Education" (1998) are to :

  • Enable the prospective teachers to understand the nature, purpose and philosophy of secondary education
  • Develop among teachers an understanding of the psychology of their pupils
  • Enable them to understand the process of socialization
  • Equip them to acquire competencies relevant to stage - specific pedagogy,curriculum development, its transaction and evaluation
  • Enable them to make pedagogical analysis of the subject they are to teach at the Secondary stage
  • Develop skills of guidance and counseling
  • Enable them to foster creative thinking among pupils for reconstruction of knowledge
  • Acquaint them with factors and forces affecting educational system and classroom situation
  • Acquaint them with educational needs for special groups of pupils
  • Enable them to utilize community resources as educational inputs
  • Develop communication skills and use modern information technology for school purposes
  • Develop aesthetic sensibilities
  • Acquaint them with research in education, including action research

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